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You stop your car in front of Alfred’s front yard and switch off the engine.

You walk out of the car with cage in glove hand and then lock your car with the car key vector.

You walk straight away to the pathway to Alfred’s house until you are right in front of his front door and click on the doorbell.

It didn’t take long for Alfred to open the door and urge you in, happy that you made it on time and see you dressed in protective suit, mask and gloves. You look around the place, looking ready before Alfred leads you right away to his kitchen where the disastrous took place.

You saw the problem and asked Alfred to back away in safety as you took slowly determinant steps to the two snakes lurking around the counter with the cage in hand.    

After several minutes of trying to provoke the snakes to make them be wary of your presence with a supportive Alfred who is cheering you on from distances away, you successful grab onto the snakes and order Alfred to get the cage so that you could put those snakes in.

Alfred, who is terrified of snakes, struggle to keep the cage in steady while fighting his own fear in order to get this over with.

When all is safe and clear, Alfred pulls you into an almost bear hug and couldn’t thank you enough for saving him and his house from the infestation of snakes. He promised he
will do anything in return for risking your life just for saving him…

Which you literally take for granted.


*Two days later…*

To make Alfred pay for what he promised, you decided to install some hidden cameras in Arthur’s house with the help of Alfred in order to play a prank on Arthur.

What Alfred has to do is to wear an earpiece device on his ear to listen to you telling him what to say and do as you view him online on your computer.

“Alfred, can you hear me?” you asked while viewing him standing in front of Arthur’s door, looking mostly excited to start the prank.

Alfred face and grin at the camera that has been set right next to Arthur’s doorbell.

“Yes, I can hear you. Should I ring the doorbell now to get started?” he asked, looking urgent to press the doorbell.

“Yeah, sure. Go ahead. Remember, you are only supposed to say everything I say” you reminded him while sitting back on your seat and grab your milkshake.

Alfred nods “Ha ha! Easy enough! ” and pressed the doorbell button.

You see him grinning and giving you a thumbs up on the screen.

The front door finally opened and there stood Arthur, hand still at the doorknob, looking at him wonderingly

“Oh, it’s you. Is there something you need?” Arthur asked, raising his thick brow.

Yes. I came here for an afternoon tea. Mind if I come in?

Alfred smiles at Arthur

“Yes, I came here for an afternoon tea. Mind I come in?”

Arthur stares at him in shell-shocked, his mouth slowly open-wide

“…W-what?! Are you s-serious?” he blinks rapidly at him in surprise, his mouth still open.

I’m not Sirius. I’m Alfred. Can I come in for tea?

You can see Alfred trying to hold his laughter before answering “No I’m not Sirius. I’m Alfred. So can I come in for a tea?”

Arthur stares at him for a while, gawking

“You sure you want t-tea? You’re not joking around, are you?”

Only if you want me to. Can I come in now?

“Only if you wish me to. Can I now come inside?”

You can’t help but realized how wrong that sounds and what emerge inside your head right now. Arthur opens the door wider and steps aside, allowing Alfred in while still in a stunned state

Smell him and tell him that he smells like tea, which makes you want to drink tea badly

Arthur jerks a little bit back when Alfred suddenly leans closer and sniff him “You smell like tea which only makes me want to drink tea so badly”

Arthur stares at him speechless, his cheeks turning slightly pink. He furrows his thick brows

“Are you making fun of me…?! It’s not funny!” he bellowed, clenching his fists before stomping inside his house.

Alfred let out a robust giggles

Ssh, not so loud…! He could hear you which might ruin your cover” you warned, laughing at the same time.

Alfred settle down but still keeps his grin “Heh heh, sorry… It’s just… his reaction is priceless!” he whispered, covering his mouth while getting in Arthur’s house.


You focus on the other screen on your computer which displays Arthur’s living room, showing Alfred just walking in with Arthur following behind him.

Arthur stops behind Alfred, looking at him unsurely

“Um…Alfred? Are you sure you really want to drink tea? I thought you hate tea…”

Alfred settles himself on the couch and looks up at Arthur

Why would I hate tea? Tea is like the most precious thing on earth!

“How could I hate tea? They’re like the most precious thing on earth!” Alfred uttered, flailing his arms around.

Arthur blinks briskly at him, looking almost fluttered

“Okay… Just wait here. I’ll go make us some tea” he intend before quickly heading his way to the kitchen. Alfred watches him go and then laughs

“He really fell for it!” he whispered, clenching his sides.

Ha ha, I know, right?!


Arthur offers Alfred his cup of tea before sitting down beside him with his own cup of tea in hands.

Say thanks love and then drink it

Alfred smiles at him “Thanks, love” Arthur slightly turns at him and nod curtly, immediately drinking his tea while looking at the television screen that shows the news.

You watch as Alfred immediately spits out his drink on the plant next to him before making a grimacing face.

You fell down from your seat, crying.

You saw Alfred staring at the hidden camera which you are viewing at and gives you a displease look. Arthur looks at him

“Are you alright, Alfred?”

You climb back up to your seat and look at the screen “Fan yourself and complain that it’s really hot”

Alfred begins to fan himself desperately “It’s sooo hot…!”

Arthur stares at him in mild disbelief “What? No, it’s not…! You’re just exaggerating.”

Remove your shirt and say much better

Alfred takes off his shirt, place it beside him and then sighs happily while stretching his arms

“Ahh…much better”

Arthur spits out his drink accidentally when he turns to look at Alfred

“B-bloody hell, Alfred! Put back your shirt on…!” he argued, his face flushed.

No, I like it more this way

Alfred rest his arms at the back of the couch and sighs in content

“Nah, I like it more this way…”

You should take off your shirt too

Alfred beams at Arthur who is staring at the screen in discomfort

“You should take off your shirt too!”

Arthur choke on his drink this time and looks at Alfred like he is crazy

“W-what?! Why would I…?!” he shrieks, flushing madly.

Because it’s a lot more comfortable

“Because it’s a lot more comfortable!”

Arthur shakes his head vigorously while waving it off

“Absolutely not! I’m perfectly fine, thank you!” he intend before drinking his tea straight away.

Remove your eyeglasses and put it on him

Alfred tugs off his eyeglasses and place it on Arthur’s eyes. Arthur jumps, his back hitting against the couch “What the bloody hell are you doing…?!”

Alfred laughs “You should wear my glasses. I think it suits you!”

Arthur looks at him before quickly averting back to the television screen, hue starts to form on his cheeks “I don’t need those!”

Force him to wear your glasses

Alfred leans closer to Arthur, trying to force his glasses on the older man’s eyes

“Come on, Artie! Just this once…!”

Arthur infuriately pushes Alfred’s glasses away from his face

“I said no!”

Put your glasses on the table and ask him if you look good without eyeglasses

Alfred place his eyeglasses in the coffee table before looking at Arthur

“Do I look good without eyeglasses…?”

Arthur hesitantly looks at Alfred before quickly glancing away, focusing back to the television

“I guess so…” he mumbled, blushing slightly while feeling a little uncomfortable.

Tell him to look at you straight in the eyes and tell him to answer you honestly
Alfred looks at Arthur

“Arthur, look at me and answer me truthfully. Do I look good without wearing eyeglasses?”

Arthur stiffened in his seat and held his cup tightly

“I think you look absolutely fine without eyeglasses… Does that answer satisfy you?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at the television screen.

Only if you say that while looking at me

“Only if you say that while looking at me”

Arthur grits his teeth, his cheeks already burning. He throws a glance at Alfred

“You look fine without eyeglasses” he said quickly before looking straightforward at the television screen. He briskly gestures to the cup of tea on the coffee table that belongs to Alfred

“Your tea is turning cold. Hurry up and drink it”

Alfred stares down at the cup of tea in slight disgust

“Arthur, look! There’s a unicorn!” Alfred pointed his finger at the direction that is opposite to his side.

Arthur throws a glance to where Alfred is pointing out


Alfred splashes the rest of the tea content on the plant next to him.


Stare at him until he notices you staring and when he looks back, tell him you love his eyebrows

Alfred, who forces to hold his laughter, turns his head to Arthur and starts staring, mainly at his eyebrows.

After a few seconds, Arthur notices this and turns to look at him, raising his eyebrow questionably

“W-what?” he narrows his eyes, feeling slightly uneasy when Alfred is still staring.

Alfred smiles “I love your eyebrows…”

Arthur blinks rapidly, staring at him in complete disbelief


Can I feel those?

Alfred extends his hand close to Arthur’s eyebrows

“Can I touch and feel those?”

Arthur looks at him in bombshell, pushing Alfred’s hand away

“Certainly not! And for gosh sake, put your shirt back on! The room temperature here isn’t that bad…!”

Take your shirt and act like you don’t remember how to put it back on

Alfred picks up his shirt and then starts wearing it by pushing his head in the collar area first. Arthur looks at him weirdly as Alfred continues to struggle trying to wear his shirt properly.

“Are you bloody kidding me…?” he bellowed while staring at him wryly.  

Ask him to help you

Alfred looks at Arthur pleadingly

“Help me, Arthur”

Arthur stares at him in wide-eyed and disbelief

“Alfred, are you serious? Did you just bloody forget how to put a shirt on?!” he bestowed while still watching Alfred struggling with his shirt.

Pleaseee. And give him your best puppy dog eye look

Alfred pouts at Arthur while giving him a puppy dog-eyed stare “Pleaseee…”

Arthur stares for a while before groaning in irritation “Fine!” He sits closer to Alfred and grab onto the shirt Alfred is holding

“Just stay still…!”

Alfred obeyed and watch as Arthur adjusts the shirt first before raising it to put it on Alfred

“Raise your arms…!” he ordered, feeling deeply embarrassed for doing this.

Lower your arms and say, like this?

Alfred lowers his arms and smiles up at Arthur “Like this?”

Arthur stares at him in faze before pulling Alfred’s arms up

“No! This is how you raise your arms…!”


“Oooh…!” Alfred cooed.

Arthur sighs in exasperation “Okay. Just keep your arms up” He begins raising the shirt to reach it into Alfred’s head.

Tell him his doing it wrong and turn the shirt upside down

Alfred shakes his head and grabs his shirt “No, no, no…” He turns his upside down and backwards

“You’re doing it wrong…!”

Arthur stares at him in stunned shock before furiously shaking his head, grabbing this shirt which Alfred refuses to release

“Just give me the shirt and let me put it back on you!”

“No! You are letting me wear the shirt in the wrong way…!”

“No I’m not, you git!”

“Are to!”

“Am not!”

“Are to!”

“Am not…!”


You stare at the screen, snickering. Somehow Alfred and Arthur ended up falling to the floor after having a childish tug of war over a shirt. The shirt slowly descend on the floor next to them.

Arthur slowly pushes himself up and looks down, realizing that he’s on top of Alfred. He blushes hard, unable to form a word and looking too uncomfortable at their suggestive position.

Alfred opened his eyes and found Arthur staring down at him which becomes shortly when
Arthur glances to the other side, and then notices something nearby his television. He narrows his eyes in deep focus.

“Is that a camera?”

You curse mentally while seeing Arthur look at the screen. In the screen, he looks like he is directly looking at you. Arthur slowly gets off Alfred and walks slowly over to the camera where you are currently viewing at.

Alfred sits up quickly, looking as troubled as you are.

“What? What camera…?” he looks around, acting confuse.

Quick! Distract him! Don’t let him spot the hidden cameras!” you ushered, clutching a mochi version of yourself in nervousness.

Arthur seems like he will have none of it as he continues to proceed to walks closer to the camera in suspicion. Alfred quickly stands up, looking at him in tense

“Arthur, I’m pregnant!”

You jolt from your seat when your computer monitor screen suddenly turns off unexpectedly.
You look down and see that even all of your computer hardware have been turned off since there aren’t any indicator lights coming from them.

You scurry to your light switch and flicker it on, but no light illuminate your room. You grumble and pull your hair in grievance.

Out of all times, your house decided to have a blackout. You walk next to a wall and hit your head against it feebly. Inside your head, you are blaming yourself.

You had been busy planning over what Alfred should do to pay your favor that you forgot to pay your electricity bill that was already due few days ago.
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